Why Do Many Lawyers Win in Court, but Lose in Love?

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It’s seems like a common theme with lawyers who may be highly successful in court, but often have difficulties with falling and staying in love. It is true that many lawyers have been married and divorced more than once while some never get married at all. There are many reasons for why lawyer marriage are more difficult for those in this profession.

Time Commitment

Far and away the biggest reason why dating an attorney can be so difficult is the time commitment they have made to the profession. A lawyer who takes on clients will spend well above 50 to 60 hours a week working for them in the office and in court. It is difficult to date, much less forge a relationship with someone who has so little time to spend outside of their profession.


When you consider that most lawyers will spend much of their early years establishing themselves in the practice, they often do not have the chance for much in the way of dating. Quite often, their dating skills are pretty poor as their profession has taken priority in their lives. This is often why lawyers in love get married without really having the relationship skills necessary to sustain their marriage.


Generally speaking, the better the lawyer is as their craft, the more difficult it is when it comes to dating an attorney. Lawyers are often so dedicated to their clients that few other things enter their mind. So, it is not all that surprising that dating a lawyer can be a trying experience. However, this should not be seen as necessary all bad as there is something noble about being dedicated to your profession.

Lack of Time

Of course, the most common issue about lawyer dating is the time they have to engage in such activities. It takes a creative couple to find the time needed to develop a relationship when one is a lawyer. Quite often, lawyer dating takes place over lunch breaks and other times of the day because that is when the lawyer is available. Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot keep such hours which makes dating lawyers a difficult endeavor.


Another smaller, but important factor is that lawyers carry with them their reputation both when working and when relaxing. While most other people can let their hair down so to speak, it can be more difficult for a lawyer since they do not want their personal life to create a different perception of who they are and negatively affect their reputation.

Overall, dating a lawyer can be quite trying which is why they often win in court, but not in love. For many attorneys who are dedicated to their profession, finding the right balance between work and building a relationship can be quite trying to say the least. However, the good news is that there are examples where lawyers have been able to strike the right balance and succeed at both.

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